The maintenance team at Albaddad Capital is specialized and always ready to serve clients and follow-up all matters related to maintenance, after-sales support, and leasing.

The maintenance team tasks include:

Maintenance Team

Maintenance is carried out immediately after the return of the halls to the warehouses in order to maintain the quality and cleanness of the product. This process includes maintenance of the structures and detection of any defects in the aluminum parts, the covers of the halls, and wooden floors. This task is supervised by the quality control team.

Covers cleaning machines

This process, which accompanies the maintenance phase, includes the detection of defects in covers, such as rupture or holes. Next, the covers are sent to special washing machines that use special chemicals, which protect the quality of the cover. After washing and drying, the covers and their structures are stored in designated areas.

Maintenance of floor halls

After inspection and cleaning, the floors are subject to maintenance and reviewedby the quality control teams, then stored with the cover and structure in designated areas.

Maintenance of air conditioners and lighting equipment

This process is overseen by a team of air conditioning and electricity technicians who work with a qualified engineer and an expert safety specialist to ensure that the equipment work effectively and without any defects that may pose a risk to users.