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About Albaddad Capital

We are a complete outdoor space solutions ecosystem like no other. We are Albaddad International.


From its earliest beginnings in 1971 as the Abu Dhabi royal family’s preferred provider of temporary and permanent structures, Al Baddad Capital has expanded its capabilities and geographical reach into what is now a complete outdoor space and events solutions ecosystem.

Going beyond building modular structures, Al Baddad Capital continues to exceed expectations and identify opportunities for growth through its total solutions delivery system—an in-house value chain dedicated to ensuring cost efficiency and high quality builds for all purposes and functions across all industrial and commercial segments. True to its promise of complete solutions, Al Baddad Capital prides itself in delivering utmost convenience and flexibility.


Al Baddad International’s depth and breadth of experience spreads across a wide range of interrelated enterprises—from manufacturing of construction materials, production of prefabricated permanent and temporary units, bespoke mobile event venues, interior and exterior fit-out contracting and events management—puts the ecosystem in a league of its own. Al Baddad International is the recipient of numerous recognitions, named a Superbrand in 2014 and winning a Guinness World Record in 2016 for creating the world’s largest warehouse.

Now serving a wide range of clients from individual patrons to public entities, Al Baddad International carries its decades-long legacy to the future, looking at more ways to turn mere structures into meaningful spaces for more generations of people in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Albaddad bagged the 2016 GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the United Arab Emirates with the largest single unit marquee, measuring 46,868.23 m² (504,485.42 ft²), built at Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi and verified on March 16, 2016.



We go beyond building temporary and permanent structures. We are a total outdoor space solutions ecosystem

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    Our Purpose

    To create meaningful spaces that go beyond structures

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    Our Vision

    To be the world’s most sought-after modular space and events solution provider powered by an interconnected, full-value ecosystem

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    Our Mission

    To deliver high quality custom structural solutions and convenient services for every purpose and function across all industries and commercial segments

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    Our Values

    We encourage leadership and innovation in order to sustain development. Know more about our values here.



The company was established in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, aiming to provide basic Arabian iron tents and Pakistani fabrics



A second and much bigger branch was opened in Abu Dhabi, introducing a more experienced and reliable staff.


A new branch was opened in Bani Yas, Abu Dhabi.



Albaddad pioneered the implementation of the latest and most advanced technology in the field of steel structures. For the first time, air conditioning systems were added to mobile structures.



The Al Ain branch opens, in addition to the establishment of a manufacturing and storage facility.


The first branch outside of Abu Dhabi is opened in Sharjah, along with a specialized industrial facility for manufacturing all types of aluminum halls and advanced PVC membranes. The Albaddad Prefab Facility also opened in the same year.


The Dubai branch is opened along with the formation of regional sales and marketing teams.


Albaddad Group opens its first office outside of the UAE in Qatar.


The group expands its industrial complex in Sharjah and establishes the Albaddad logistic support and global procurement facility.


Albaddad opened its branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah) and establishes logistical support equal to the size of their counterparts in the United Arab Emirates.


The Albaddad regional facility in Dubai opens, with an area of 1.5 million square feet to include Albaddad factories for aluminum, glass and prefabricated units. The engineering and technology units were moved to the same site. This year also witnessed the opening of the branch in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Albaddad opened its first intercontinental branch in Australia and acquired its ISO certification.


South America (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and the Sultanate of Oman welcomes another branch of Albaddad. The group acquires its ISO certification for environment-friendly products, project management, meeting security and safety specifications.


Albaddad Aviation opened in Aqaba, Jordan.


Albaddad Technology builds the world’s largest warehouse at Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi, and takes home the 2016 GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the United Arab Emirates with the largest single unit marquee, measuring 46,868.23 m² (504,485.42 ft²).


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