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Manufacturer of steel structures, aluminum and glass, creating high quality structures and unique facades

  • Flexible & Light compared to RCC

    Our structures are constructed using hot rolled steel profiles, when it comes to steel frame buildings, a steel I-beam will almost always be lighter than the RCC beam.

    That decreases the labor required to build with steel, and the lighter weight also reduces the cost of materials shipping.

    It can also simplify the design of new metal building’s foundation and other structural support systems, which lead to saving more money.

  • Cost effective & Speed compared to RCC

    When you compare them to traditional building methods, the price of steel buildings remains comparatively low. Steel parts are often pre-engineered, decreasing construction time, saving you money on labor costs. And because steel beams are durable and come with a high life expectancy of 70 years compared with concrete buildings life expectancy of 50 years, insurance costs associated with commercial steel buildings remain relatively low, especially compared to other materials. Many structural steel buildings are pre-engineered to a specific design at the production plant and shipped out ready to be erected speeds up the construction process.

  • Customization Potential

    Structural steel is an efficient choice for a wide range of designs, from the simplest to the most complex. Steel can be bent or molded in endless ways, making it the perfect material for even the most custom pre-engineered metal building designs. If you want to change plans in the middle of a project, your building material should have the ability to adapt to meet your new vision. Steel allows you to be more flexible in the planning stages and to make changes that won’t break the bank.


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