Why Albaddad Capital?

We are a pioneering institution focused on enterprise agility. Our decades-long legacy has equipped us with sufficient experience and resources to build an in-house delivery system, allowing us to offer an all-encompassing scope.



We create bespoke outdoor solutions that easily accomodate additional attachments specific to client requirements. We invest in R&D to build innovative structures that withstand extreme climate conditions.


Easy Installation

We offer temporary and permanent modular structures that can be installed, dismantled and reassembled as required. The aim is convenience—effortless transportation to any destination. Down the line, easy installation means lower labour and maintenance costs.



Our products are built to withstand harsh climate conditions. We incorporate innovative techniques for every make, using the latest technology and a patented construction system combining advanced tensile and excellent quality membranes with solid aluminum to outperform any other manufacturer and builder in the market.


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    Sustainable Solutions at a Reasonable Costs

    We produce sustainable, durable and customisable solutions. Our team of skilled designers and technicians ensure optimum results and on-time delivery.

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    We create adaptable structures without compromising on the quality and strength of the original build. Because we design and manufacture our own products, we can ensure seamless expansion with only a few additional components.

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    Lower Energy Consumption

    Our structures are designed to maintain a consistent interior temperature. All spaces are sealed to avoid infiltration, seeing a significant reduction of energy consumption, up to 50% lower than other conventional buildings.

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    Lower Maintenance Costs

    Our structures are a combination of aluminium and PVC membranes, produced by our own manufacturing companies. These materials are high quality and low maintenance, prolonging its lifespan and maximising usage. These units are easy to clean and can withstand corrosion caused by natural forces.


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    Effective and Sustainable Structures

    We use the finest corrosion-resistant aluminium materials in our projects to ensure international material and safety standards are consistently met. The materials, along with the hoods structures that are integral to our builds have undergone standardised resistance testing against natural elements such as wind, rain and heat. We have proven effectiveness and stability even in the harshest conditions in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe as well as remote areas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    Easy Transportation and Installation

    Because they are engineered for modular building, the structures we develop can be transported easily to any given destination. Albaddad’s temporary and mobile spaces take a shorter installation and assembly time, and is guaranteed to withstand wind and rain in any terrain.

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