Albaddad Manasik supports pilgrims in one of the most significant milestones in their religious lives–the pilgrimage to Bait Allah Al Haram.

By providing the latest in pre-fab constructions and mobile lounges, we ensure pilgrims can expect comfortable and safe accommodations, continuous utilities such as water and electricity, as well as personal equipment such as bags and umbrellas. In cooperation with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we provide the best solutions through flexible production methods guaranteeing high-quality output in order to serve an ever-growing number of pilgrims.

“Albaddad Manasik” caters to the needs of 3,000,000 pilgrims who gather overnight on a yearly basis, easing their physically
demanding rituals. Handling a project of this magnitude is testament to the quality products the company provides and the high-standards it upholds. With the support of two warehouses set up in Arafat and Mecca, “Albaddad Manasik” has the capacity to meet supply, installation and maintenance of all material provided.

Al-Baddad Manasik is committed to provide products with unique services high level by the competent authorities in Makkah Al Mukarramah in accordance with the international quality standards required, And apply the latest technology and best practice for advanced environment-friendly with providing various safety and quality standards, and implement the best solutions to achieve the standards of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing high standards of safety and security for pilgrims and follow the latest flexible production methods to ensure and meet the Pilgrims needs which are constantly increasing.


The top priority of ALBADDAD Manasdik is to enhance the quality of its services by the latest international technology to approved institutional process methodology and to gain and meet clients satisfaction

  • Tents

    “Albaddad Manasik” has benefited from the long experience of its main provider, “Albaddad Capital” in the world of mobile halls, to provide the latest in pilgrimage campaigns equipped with the necessary facilities, taking into account the best quality and safety standards, with the flexibility to select the appropriate specifications and other customer requirements.

    Tents include:
    • Tents for Hajj
    • Mosque Tents
    • Storage Tents

  • Customized Air Conditioner

    “Albaddad Manasik” offers long-term solutions for heating,cooling and ventilation for its commodities in pilgrimage sites. Prefabs and mobile lounges are equipped with giant central air-conditioning systems and interior AC units with different capacities. The air-conditioning system operates in the highest temperatures and adheres to strict safety measures.

  • Prefabricated Lavatory Units

    “Albaddad Manasik” provides a range of multifunctional high quality prefabs. Manufactured to the highest international standards, our prefabs are heat resistant, sound and wind proof. They are painted with anti corrosion insulating materials that are easy to dissemble, install and transport without affecting its quality. These include Water Tanks and Septic Tanks

  • Water Reservoirs

    ALBADDAD Manasik is supported by prefabricated buildings and roving halls with various sizes of water tanks. These tanks are made of high quality materials that bear different weather conditions, and are covered with special materials that protect from external corrosion and prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on their internal surface.

  • Around the clock maintenance service

    Our technical support team accompanies our clients all through the period of utilization. The maintenance service includes the prefabs and mobile aluminum structures with their equipment and interiors, like air-conditioning, and furniture. This also includes mechanical, electrical, cleaning and sanitary services for pilgrims

  • Furniture

    “Albaddad Manasik” equips its interiors with high quality furniture that is both comfortable and practical with flexible designs for all uses. The designs are modern and satisfy all tastes. Furniture rental includes Carpets & Lining, Lighting Systems and Tower Lighting

  • Catering to the Holy Mosque’s pilgrims’ needs

    We provide bags and umbrellas made to meet the pilgrims’ needs. Manufactured with regard to quality and distributed in adequate quantity, they are hygienic, light weight, easy to use and beautifully

  • Comprehensive facility management services

    We have a special support team catering for the pilgrims’ requirements by fitting the architectural spaces to their needs with all required amenities. These include cleaning, coolers and water dispensers, garbage containers and mobile coolers.

  • Carpet and lining

    ALBADDAD Manasik offers a variety of carpet options to cover the floor enough to meet the required requirements, characterized by different design, high quality specifications and suitability to
    different climatic conditions.

  • Power generators

    ALBADDAD Manasik is equipped by a range of prefabricated buildings and roving halls with electrical installations according to the latest international standards of high quality, powered by
    a large number of power generators with a capacity of more than 1,000 KW, all are compatible With environmental safety standards, and meet the requirements of international emissions legislation and laws

  • Electromechanical

    ALBADDAD Manasik provides, installs and follows up all electromechanical works for high quality Hajj projects, providing the best technical services, and adopting the latest technology in the field of electromechanical networks.

  • Lighting towers

    ALBADDAD Manasik offers a different form of lighting towers for its mobile and fixed projects, which are characterized by their various capabilities, their multidimensional and efficient lighting, which is guaranteed by the expertise of the engineers of ALBADDAD and their technical studies.

  • Lighting systems

    ALBADDAD Manasik provides prefabricated buildings, roving halls, and architectural spaces surrounded by sophisticated lighting systems providing energy and sustainability, depending on the best flexible lighting units. ALBADDAD’s lighting systems include a variety of lighting elements that are
    versatile sizes to suit your seats supported by a professional engineering team that offers integrated solutions for lighting efficiency and aesthetic desig

  • Logistic Fleet

    The on-site warehouse location in Arafat is very strategic as it is close to the camps. With a total surface area of 157,000sqm, it features an open yard area of 135,000sqm, a covered warehouse of 15,000sqm, workshops spreading over 3,000sqm, an area of 3,000sqm dedicated to staff accommodation, and 1,500sqm for administration & Showroom

  • Mecca warehouse

    The main warehouse in Mecca has a bigger warehouse for storage. It has a total land area of 20,000sqm, an open yard area of 316,000sqm, a covered warehouse of 90,000sqm, workshops spread over 10,000sqm, an area dedicated to staff accommodation and occupying 2,000sqm, in addition to 2,000sqm for administration & showroom.


Albaddad industrial complex Dubai Free Zone, National Industries Park 56162 United Arab emirates

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