Our team of engineers has extensive experience and many options in designs that display projects in a refined and practical manner. The engineering team is divided into:

Research Team

Albaddad Capital has an integrated team of construction engineers who have extensive experience in mobile halls, tents, prefabricated buildings, logistic support units, and all engineering solutions related to their areas of operation.

Design Team

Albaddad Capital hosts a team of experts who collaborate together in designing innovative entrepreneurs in the region at different sizes. The team members are qualified to work in the most extreme conditions, with great dedication and energy.

Preliminary Studies and Pricing Team

Albaddad Capital pays particular attention to this area due to its impact on the projects the company executes and manages. This team is responsible for conducting complex calculations to find and determine suitable solutions that comply with the quality and safety standards. The end result of thesecalculations is reaching smart, low-cost solutions in a short time.