Storage Team


Albaddad Capital has huge warehouses in National Industries Parkin Dubai, UAE with a storage capacity of 2 million square feet.The group also has warehouses in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a total warehouse space of 2,750,000 million square feetthe region, which are distributed according to the following:

Aluminum warehouse

It is the largest warehouse in the Middle East, hosting a huge stock of aluminum structures with more than 420 different shapes and sizes.

Frequently-used halls

Albaddad stores its Steel halls in a special section to protect them from rust and corrosion under suitable storage conditions.

Private halls

Albaddad Capital has allocated a large area to store the private halls that the group has manufactured. These storage locations are specifically designed for these halls and do not suit steel or aluminum halls.

Garden furniture warehouse

Albaddad Capital has one of the largest and most diversified garden storage warehouses in the region. Albaddad owns more than 620 different types of furniturestored a way that ensures fast delivery to the client.