Shades & Tensile


Tensile structure is a such building or structure where all elements it consist of like membrane, cables, connectors are carrying only tension force and no compression or bending. Compression and bending forces are shifted or transited to supportive elements like columns, ballasts or foundation. In normal tent compression force is withhold by frame on which membrane is installed but in tensile structure where is no frame and load distributes through cables to specially designed poles. Tensile structures are an art. As no frames there is no limits. It is possible to create wonderful masterpiece combined with useful utility functions.

It could be whatever our imagination produce and customer needs: from simple but unique shade shelter to huge domes in malls, cover for stadium, energy saving facade solution and impressive modern art installation. By using tensile structure technology we can convert usual area into actual fashion public space any city could be proud of and be a landmark, destination visit to. The materials used PVC, PTFE , HDPE , ETFE .While PVC is widely spread and quite affordable PTFE is famous for it is vibrant white color, earth friendly and durable qualities.

AlBaddad offers a variety of tensile structure solutions, for various purposes and climate conditions. Our products are of the highest quality and our in-house design team can design any structure that is perfect to your needs. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to give you construction designs that boast technical excellence as well as visual splendor.

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