مصنع المباني الجاهزة

مصنع المباني الجاهزة

مصنع البداد للمباني الجاهزة مُجهز بالكامل بأحدث الماكينات الألمانية و تُطبق فيه احدث تكنولوجيا تصميم و تصنيع الوحدات مُسبقة الصنع


AlBaddad’s prefab factory is fully and well equipped with German-made machines and with the world’s state-of-the-art technologies. Our modern and efficient equipment gives us the advantages to design and produce high-quality end products for the customer’s benefit. Albaddad’s factories are located at AlBaddad Business Park in TechnoPark, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

قسم الكهرباء الجاهزة

Albaddad has Air-condition and lighting equipments. It is used by A/C and electrical technician under the supervision of engineer and safety specialists to make sure that it will function properly and no defects that could cause danger to the user.


Engineering team of Albaddad prefab factory is ready to adopt the latest methods of engineering buildings , this type of buildings are clever ways to invest in the area and meet all the requirements of the building . This is a particular challenge in terms of electrical circuits, water and adjustment and planning for safety of the building.


Albaddad flat pack modular units are very easy to disseminate assemble and transport. We can transport 6 Units of 20 feet flat packs in one 60 feet trailer. We have an in house logistic team of highly professional logistic to handle any type of shipping.