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Accommodation Solutions

ALBADDAD Prefab offers a full turnkey service, and can take full responsibility for your building from conception to completion. Putting your project in our hands gives you one point of contact to ensure a high level of customer service.

Accommodation Solutions

We have a variety of designs for halls and tents, with different sizes, including: fixed designs and customised if required.

Our client is free to choose from 800 different types of structures that have various space, shape, and fittings. they can also enjoy the possibility of changing any detail in the fixed designs under thesupervision of our engineers who areready to implement any proposal.

ALBADDAD International uses state-of-the-art technologies and practices, such as environmentally friendly products, and manufactures the main support halls from the Design Department, which studies and develops innovative designs for Albaddad, so the group can develop effective solutions.

All our factories and equipment are high efficiency and European and Americanmade. They were all chosen according to the latest technology of manufacturing and productivity.

We support our products and distributors located in all our sales branches in 46 countries, because they are part of our identity and since they are our contact agentswho communicate with our customers. Our sales team is distinguished and able to read the demands of the Middle Eastand international market.

ALBADDAD  provides leasing services to its valued clientsat a special price according to the time period that suits the client and according to the area of their choosing. All leased equipmentsare fitted with all the necessary requirements accordingly.

Because installation and assembly are a vital part of our business, the group attaches great importance to this process, as it is a translation of the group’s ongoing efforts to deliver the best products.

ALBADDAD's assembly and installation management is characterized by fast completion, and accuracy of work, and implementation of safety standards. Our team installs hall parts using special equipment that provides strength and durability for the halls of different types and periods of use.

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Accommodation Solutions