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Miltary Halls

AlBaddad International

Albaddad has been specialized in the support of the military markets for decades. We are an international leader of metal and textile structures for the military sector. At Albaddad we set the standards in terms of technical matters, know-how, design and services. We have a global team of more than 1200 people around the world offering first quality products, reliable services and complete assistance. We cover 5 major areas of activities in the military sector:

  • Tents and Aluminum structures
  • Structures for storage
  • Specialized prefabricated buildings for the military protection
  • Airplane covers
  • Shelters


Crisis Management

Accidents and natural tragedies distress thousands in isolated locations where no infrastructure is available.

A quick crisis response is essential. The rapid deployment of medical posts, mobile hospitals, and accommodation solutions by Albaddad can save many lives.


Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent installations.

Albaddad offers an extensive range of Aluminum and steel structures allowing quick and modified responses to multiple needs. The compatibility of our different products with each other gives a great flexibility of usage, whether it is for a temporary period of time, semi-permanent or even a permanent installation.

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