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Portable/Chemical Toilets

AlBaddad International

The portable toilet is a real step ahead in the portable sanitation industry. We offers the maximum ease of use for its operators and a design that shows details and for the needs of portable toilet.

The most sophisticated and resistant materials which have been transformed using highly precise production methods, and combines that with an engineering project whose main objectives are ease of use, safety, and quality/price rapport for the operator of portable toilets.

Areas of Application and use for Portable Chemical Toilets

  • sporting events
  • religious gatherings
  • open-air concerts
  • street festivals
  • weddings
  • military missions
  • agricultural harvests
  • disaster relief operations
  • refugee camps
  • parking pull-offs
  • open-air mines
  • ports
  • refineries
  • electrical plants
  • trade shows
  • public areas
  • parks
  • parking lots
  • building sites etc.

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