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The venerable Center for Child Culture signed a cooperation agreement with

Published on : July 14 2016

The venerable Center for Child Culture Cooperation Agreement was signed with "Baddad Capital" group in the presence of Dr. Mona Al Bahar Executive Director of the Center for the venerable to the culture of the child, and Zayed Baddad Group Chief Executive Officer "Baddad Capital", and Adel Omar , Senior Manager and private media project management in the center, Sheikha Al Jasmi , Director of Marketing and communication. Under the agreement will "Baddad Capital" on the rehabilitation of the outdoor spaces of the center and its coverage to be prepared for foreign exhibitions in the coming period, as well as cover adjacent to the Department of porcelain exterior spaces in the center to be converted later to the first workshop for carving on wood for children. The estimated value of the work to be provided by "Baddad Capital" five hundred thousand AED, to be completed within three months.