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Civil Defense in Al Ain honors AlBaddad

Published on : June 11 2011

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates: On the first of March of each year the Civil Defense in United Arab Emirates celebrates the International Day of Civil Defense, under a slogan the reflects the concern of civil defense to protect society and individuals and their property and all what works for their service and security.

AlBaddad, driven by its strategy principles that are based on contribution in regard to community service at all levels, and its history of good relationship with the civil defense over the years, contributed this year in processing and implementing many tents, and prefabricated buildings for more than a site customized specially for the civil Defense through United Arab Emirates and for more than one occasion, to be a hand to assist in the implementation of the lofty goals of civil defense in maintaining the security and safety of the community.

Based on that the Civil Defense Department honored in Al Ain, Rotana Hotel, AlBaddad that have contributed to the success of the World Day of Civil Defense; that was organized under the slogan "Civil Defense and Women" and received the honorary shield along with an appreciation certificate, Fares Hassein CEO of Albaddad Capital, by that AlBaddad adds another honor of civil defense to its history that is filled by such appreciations which are indicative of the great attention given by AlBaddad to participate hand in hand with the Civil Defense and the various departments that put the safety and security of the community first in mind.

It is well known for AlBaddad its excellence in the implementation of all the tents, and prefabricated buildings manufactured specially for all special events belonging to civil defense, where they are of high quality and conform to the specifications applicable internationally and are subject to terms of safety and security globally like resistance of fire and heat, insulation of light and resistance to all climate conditions etc.

In this context, Mr. Fares Hussein Albaddad, CEO of AlBaddad Capital added: "We are honored with this appreciation, and we promise to always be one of the first participants in regard to security and safety of the community and we thank the civil defense for all the efforts they make to ensure the safety of this community ".