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Author: The design of the

Published on : July 5 2015

Sultan Asalma- stated above Jeddah: The official spokesman for the Ministry of Culture and Information, a member of the Supreme Committee for the Exhibition of Jeddah International Book Fair , "Dr. Saud bin Saleh writer"; the heavy rains witnessed by the province of Jeddah on Tuesday , in a very limited impacted on the site of the exhibition South Bobhr Although the construction work has not yet been completed.

He noted that the weather threw its consequences on the various parts of the province, however, has been re - treat it and the parts that were affected by the rain to their location, and make sure the workflow properly, and according to what is planned.

He explained that the exhibition site , which was designed in the form of a tent, in conformity with international standards and is capable of dealing with weather extremes, wind and rain, after all construction work is completed to be appropriate for the various segments of society , a place, which will be equipped with various services, toilets, sewage systems , and the rest of the other recreational means visitor feels like it in the city means complete.

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