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AlBaddad Outshines itself at Dhahran Wedding Tent

Published on : January 29 2011

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: AlBaddad, and by providing ideal solutions for weddings and big events in this area has become one of the largest companies and the most experienced in the processing of weddings and special occasions by manufacturing and provision of tents, and especially for the joys of the Senate and Royal families since its founding in 1971.

AlBaddad is one of the most important global suppliers of tents and mobile accessories in the Middle East and North Africa, where it blazed in the preparatory work for a large number of weddings for VIPs and Sheikhs by manufacturing tents and tents that reflects their tastes and culture and so the work team in Albaddad succeeded in responding to the needs of the Gulf market.

Recently, the AlBaddad designed and manufactured a luxurious permanent special wedding tent belonging to the palace of Dhahran for celebrations of an area of ​​4800 square meters to be one of the largest tents designed in this area, AlBaddad has also provided the site with service tents and tents to be used for various facility services associated with the magnitude of the celebrations held in this place.

It is worth mentioning that AlBaddad not only manufactured the external tent, but also ensured the processing of the full interior decorations of, interior and exterior elegant furniture, interior and exterior flooring, royal carpet for the dignitaries and for the entire tent, curtains and luxurious pads in different shapes and colors, interior and exterior lighting of different colors, high quality air conditioners and cooling devices. It also provided full luxurious designs for all the service facilities that are manufactured to suit the importance of celebrations held and to insure the availability of all the requirements needed for the huge celebrations of this tent.

Another important point to mention, and to ensure the safety and security of attendees and those who work in this tent, all the materials and raw materials used in building this tent externally and internally are with insulation to light, heat, water, fire-resistant and tear and are resistant to ultraviolet rays to keep the great shape and color of this tent as time passes. It is known that all tents and tents of AlBaddad are subjected to all quality and security standards internationally.

This is not a first that AlBaddad proves its enormous capacities in providing all the needs and requirements of different events in various locations regardless of the event magnitude.

In this context, Mr. Fares Hussein Albaddad, CEO of AlBaddad Capital added: "It was an honour to provide this site with our tents, indeed, we had them exclusively equipped to live up to the events standards held at this place and meet the requirements of all society. We always strive to provide all the suitable solutions for all special events ".