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Al Baddad Capital announces opening of Al Baddad International head showroom in Jordan

Published on : April 10 2013

Mr. Zayed Al Baddad, CEO of Al Baddad Capital announced today the opening of its all new main showroom in Jordan which is set to become the first Al Baddad International Company in the country. The showroom will be located on Medina road in the city of Amman, considered the biggest and most sought after showroom area in Jordan. Encompassing an area of ​​3400 square meters, the showroom will specialize in providing the highest quality international models and brands in garden furniture and services for the market.

Mr. Zayed Al Baddad said "the Al Baddad International showroom in Jordan will provide several important services, including leasing mobile halls and furnishings, complimented with the rental of fixed and mobile architectures for the smart warehouses industry".

"The showroom will also sell prefabricated houses which can be utilized for many important purposes including military camps, sites for construction companies and farms".

"Additionally important activities that will be made available in the Jordanian market will include the provision of innovative engineering covers and parking solutions. Al Baddad is also currently establishing a storage center delivering increased ease of service to our valued customers."

Due to its immense international reach and positioning Al Baddad International currently holds a dominant position in its mobile halls, prefabricated houses and garden furniture lines. With representative offices in more than 36 countries worldwide, Al Baddad's newest branch in Jordan will join its worldwide list of branch locations which include countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Australia, the United States and China.