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Al Baddad Capital equips the halls of Festival Land – Ajman

Published on : June 21 2017

Festival Land Project - Ajman
Al-Baddad Capital has announced the start of the installation of the halls for the project of the Festival Land - Ajman, which is located in the middle of the Emirate of Ajman, with a total area of ​​more than 10,000 meters. Zayed Al Baddad, CEO of Al Baddad Group of Companies, and Mubarak Al-Ameri, Chairman of Festival Land, Ajman, signed the project execution contract at Al-Baddad Capital, National Industries Complex, in the presence of the management team of the two companies.

Zayed Al Baddad said: "Landfall - Ajman is a specialized center for all exhibitions and events and is expected to attract about two million visitors a year. He explained that Al Baddad Capital will complete halls of more than 10 thousand meters and equipped with all the facilities and decorations, lighting and air conditioning necessary to ensure the comfort of its users

He said that the halls will be implemented with high quality products and high specifications in all production and construction processes, according to the best techniques and practices with the provision of various safety standards. The halls are characterized by their high resistance to changing climates. It is fully manufactured at Al Baddad Capital Factories at National Industries Complex in Dubai. He stressed the importance of providing all that is new in the world of mobile halls, prefabricated buildings and tents used for all purposes, in line with the creative ideas hosted by the UAE and are supportive and sponsor of them.

Mr. Mubarak Al Ameri, Chairman of Festival Land said: "We are keen to prepare the project to provide the ideal location for various festivals, events and activities throughout the year through the presence of several villages to more than one country, and a leading center and specialized in all the various events of commercial shopping exhibitions and cultural events, . He pointed to the use of international companies in the construction and decoration of the project, especially the Al-Baddad International Group, which will provide a quality addition to the Festival Land - Ajman, and will continue to cooperate with them in the future stages of the project”.