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14% growth« Baddad Capital »2016 projects

Published on : June 13 2017

Zayed Baddad Group Chief Executive Officer Albaddad companies confirmed that Baddad Capital completed a project 4264 growth equivalent to 14%. He noted in an interview with «economic statement» that the company doubled its business in Saudi Arabia, as well as adding a new complex in Qatar extends over 150 thousand square meters, includes facilities for maintenance, storage and support services for various solutions and the company 's operations in the Qatari market. He pointed out that Baddad Capital completed a wide range of projects during the year was full of challenges, retaining its business growth in a sustainable manner, and has recently signed expansion contract with the National Industries Complex, in order to increase the size of the Group 's business, and raise the efficiency of its operations storage, equivalent to a growth rate 300% over the next five years.

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