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Albaddad international has Accompanied Renaissance of UAE since the union established 1971, we took the responsibilities to develop the market we worked in according to the global standardization, and many times create a new standardization to the sector, that made us ranked number one in the world with our branches that exist in the most important economic centers and many other countries in the world.


Since we received the reins of management from our late father Haj Hussein Albaddad, may his soul rest in peace, we have embarked on a mission toestablishan economic investment group.Our endeavors gave birth to "ALBADDAD Capital"; the name that now leads the rudder of entrepreneurshipand excellence in all activities under its name.

We have therefore harnessed all the potentials that enhance our capabilities and expertise to become an important investment entity, based on firm rules that have enabled us to move forward and to expand our investments that brought us to global competition.

Hence, we believe that success lies not only in expanding our investments, but also in keeping pace with the technological development in the world and the continuous development of our products. Spreading was not our only goal, but rather the achievement of entrepreneurship and providing services worthy of the name of ALBADDAD and the trust of our partners.

Dr. Fateen Albaddad

Partner - Chairman of ALBADDAD Capital

ALBADDAD Capital is committed to innovation, creativity, quality, and excellence to maintain its global standing and status.This life-time commitment has placed the companyon the list of international classifications with competitive performance and distinctive services, thus maintaining its position as a result of the quality of its products and services.

Speed ofachievement and accuracy of implementation using the latest technical specifications are one of the pillars that characterized the work of ALBADDAD Capital in its projects in the UAE and the theworld at large. These important values helped create a reliable brand, managed by a qualified international team that has made a quantum leap in ALBADDAD Capital’s presence in the world markets.

We believe that entrepreneurshipis not limited to being proactive in opening new investment doors, but in achieving excellence and keep abreast of the developments that are taking place in the market. All these efforts are directed to make the name of "Albaddad" present in all vital economic forums and other platforms at the regional and global levels.

Zayed Albaddad

Partner - Chief Executive Officer of ALBADDAD Capital